Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Let me count the ways.....

I love both of my boys and they couldn't be more different! I have tried to keep writing down the funny, quirky things they say and do, afraid someday I will forget. Lane is so literal and Bryce is very abstract, kind of like oil and water! They are each other's best friend and worst enemy often within just seconds of one another! Just a few things I have overheard and want to remember from the past little while.
* Bryce came running downstairs to tell me that the "walling" was all done in the master bath we are remodeling! I knew just what he was talking about, the drywall.
* Today in the car, Bryce told Lane, "Let's play mom and dad when we get home, I promise I won't call you Honey", but Lane still wouldn't consent.

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All American Family said...

Too funny! Yeah, I try to write down things J & L say too because they're just so stinkin' cute! Isn't it crazy what they pick up on from us parents! Kind of scary at times. ;)