Monday, January 31, 2011

Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo

Last weekend, we spent time in Dallas. Mom and Dad treated us to a day at the Fort Worth stock show and rodeo! What unusual and beautiful animals we saw and watched! The boys enjoyed all the heavy equipment, trying out any that were open and available. Thanks for a great time Mom and Dad! The boys even got more John Deere collectibles...Thanks Grandpa!

Love this picture, blurry as it may be, Old Glory is focused and beautiful!


All American Family said...

Looks like fun! Glad y'all had such a great time. I wanted to go so bad but it just didnt' work out for us this year. Maybe next year??

Sheila said...

We love the rodeo also! I think I'll stop taking the boys, though, when they get older, so they don't get ANY ideas of becoming a bull rider!! HA We're going to our rodeo next weekend!

BJKK said...

Fun pictures!