Saturday, March 19, 2011


* We have begun getting the garden and the yard ready for spring.
* Boys helped pick out the plants/seeds we're going to grow!
* We have enjoyed special meeting and special visitors.(a very short, but sweet visit)
* Three of us have been under the weather with strep throat and sinus trouble. On the mend though! Lane has somehow managed to avoid it all!
* Baseball season has started.....Jay will be a head coach with both boys on the team for the 1st time!
* I took a quick road trip with Mom and Dad to Chicago 2 weeks ago. A trip mixed with joy and sorrow.
* Both boys made their AR reading goals this nine weeks.
* Spring break is just one week away! We are ready for some R & R and maybe a little work around the house.


Andrea said...

You've been busy! I'm glad you could get up to IL...our thoughts were surely there.

All American Family said...

I know you've been busy. That garden will be great once it starts producing the fruit of your labor! Maybe we can enjoy some of it with you some weekend. ;)