Sunday, August 7, 2011

Out of the mouth of Bryce.....

If you have followed our blog for anytime you know that Bryce has a quirky twisted way of thinking about just about everything! Recently he has been on a roll! Here are just a few we can remember...I try to write them down in his baby book, but I have had to add a page to keep up!

......On our trip to San Antonio we saw vultures on the side of the rode near some roadkill. I told him they were scavengers or decomposers, they eat dead or dying things. He responded with "They are like the vacuum cleaners of the world, cleaning things up!" Yes, son so true!

......He came running up to me at the pool last week limping, I asked him what was wrong. He said "I have one of those horses in my feet, you know what I am talking about?" I did, a Charlie Horse I said! YES! That one he said!

.......He asked Jay to make gumbo this week, he loves his daddy's gumbo. As we sat at the table and he proceeded to devour his bowl of gumbo he remarked with these words " This stuff is so good I am going to marry it!" That must be some awesome stuff! It is delicious.

Love this boy's creative thinking! He would sure make a good writer or comedian, either way he makes our world interesting and comical!

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