Tuesday, October 9, 2007

New pictures on display

Before we head off to convention, I wanted to get these pictures posted. The kids are so excited about "bention".:) I know it will be wonderful, and the weather is to be also. Yeah!!
This summer on our trip to Michigan, we took some great shots at the Indiana/Michigan Dunes. I just got them ordered and framed. It is pretty neat having your own photography in your house. Of course I am not the best at it, luckily our camera is awesome!! These pictures our in the den.
While in Wisconsin, Auntie Bev bought me this sign " All because two people fell in love", so I have arranged the boys pictures from various years below it. They are the result of our falling in love, along with many other added bonuses!!:) I still have a few more pictures to add to finish it up.


DSBRansom said...

Looks great! I like using our pictures around the house too. My printer does wonderful things for me! And your sign is so neat. Bev has such good taste! :)

DSBRansom said...

Oh, & have a wonderful convention!

Mike, Traci and boys said...

What a neat idea to use the pictures with the plaque. Hope you had a good "ca bention" as we hear it called here. We'll be at G'town next week.:)