Sunday, October 14, 2007


What wonderful days at Texarkana..... the weather and fellowship couldn't have been better!! Just a few picture to share from our days there.

All the cousins in their Sunday best.

Of course the biggest draw in the field is the creek. A pretty clear brook, just beckoning a little boy or girl to fall in. Luckily that wasn't one of ours this year!!:)

The kiddos love to go walking in the field. Here they are walking hand in hand, all except Chloe, who is walking with us.

The three boys in action on the tire swing. As we were getting ready for convention, Lane asked if this was the one with the swings? They don't forget. Before every mtg. the boys would say,"After this mtg. can we go to the swings?" It sure is nice to help them expend some energy and sit quietly during mtg. and give us a chance to visit with the other families as they do so.


Mike, Traci and boys said...

How fun to see all your pictures! I think we need a swing at Georgetown. Would be a good way to burn off some energy of the little ones!

Grandpa and Grandma Russell said...

Lokks like they had a good time, and enjoyed "bention"!!
Grandpa and Grandma Russell