Sunday, January 6, 2008

Late nights and sleeping late.....OVER!!!

Today is the last day of our Christmas break.... so thus ends our lazy mornings, big projects, and spur of the moment fun. In two weeks and three days we have done so much and still had time to relax. Let me think: we spent a week with Grandma and Grandpa, painted our bedroom, cleaned windows, hung closet doors, moved our old refrigerator out to laundry room, moved new one in, played games by the fire, made/decorated cookies with the boys, and much more. So as reality kicks in tomorrow, I won't be able to post almost everyday or surf other's blogs, which I have soooo enjoyed!!! Smile!
Technology is scary, but so fun. As I blog hop, I have found so many people I knew and lost touch with. It is so awesome to see alittle into your lives now!! If you found us and have lost touch over the years, please leave us a comment. On this note, to my old friend Jill- So FUN to hear from you again!!!:) Please contact me on my email:


Kristen said...

Great job on your new headers!

I start keeping Trace and Trevin again tomorrow...I'm happy to, but at the same time I sure have enjoyed sleeping in these past 2 weeks!

From TX to you said...

What a fun reminisce about the vacation. It does seem to go by too quickly, doesn't it?!! We started back to school today, so life is quiet again with just 1 home during the day. We enjoyed our break too and now we can think about Spring Break in March!:)