Friday, January 4, 2008

Winter Freeze!!

For the first time in several long days, the boys were able to go out and play outside. It has been so bitter cold with temps in the 20' at night and 30'-40' in the daytime. They were so fascinated to find the water in the trough frozen solid. That doesn't happen to often here in the south. They worked their hardest, but of course unsuccessful in breaking it up!! Great entertainment though!!:)


Kristen said...

Yeah, I’m anxious for us to be able to get outside again! At least we have heat in our house now…our heater was out for a few days so all we had was the fireplace…thank goodness for that!

DSBRansom said...

That's neat they got to play with the ice! Looks like they are little learners. :)

Yesterday the temp with wind chills was -0 so we stayed in. Today it's about 32 so we went out & with the sun it felt pretty good! We had to scrape the icicles down from the eve today so everyone could have one.

Still, winter is not my favorite season.

Life in Midlothian said...

OUr weather is crazy!! It has been cold but this weekend it is beautiful!! 70's and the girls are having fun jumping on the trampoline and playing on their swing set. Come see us or lets set up a weekend to get together. Let our kids get to know each other since they are about the same age. ALison Potter