Friday, March 7, 2008

Happy Friday!!

We made it to Friday!! It seems as thought it has been a long week. Bryce was sick again with a bad head cold, and today he is finally going back to school. I'm still kind of choked up with the last of mine I got last weekend. We have a busy weekend ahead, but a fun one! Tomorrow we plan to take the boys to the Shrine Circus in Monroe and then I am going to do alittle needed shopping for special mtg. on Sunday. I love special mtg. time because it means a new outfit and spring clothes. Spring makes me feel so good!!:)
Today, it sure doesn't feel like spring. It is to hover around 36' and rain/snow turning to all snow by afternoon. They say we may get an inch or two. The boys would be sooooo HAPPY!! :) We'll have to wait and see. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

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Kristen said...

Would you buy some new clothes for me too while you're at it! ;) All 3 little boys (J, T&T) have had the flu this week so needless to say it's not been a fun one for us either! Have fun shopping!