Friday, March 21, 2008


I have fallen far behind with mom suddenly falling sick and I will try to catch up today. These are just pictures that I have taken over the past week of random things were have done. Good News: Mom is heading home today, but still very uncomfortable and eating very little. She is going to have a lengthy recovery ahead. Home health will come a couple times a week to help with the care of her colostomy bag and continue to help her learn how to care for it by herself. I am heading over to Dallas sometime this weekend, just waiting to see how she does once she is at home. Dad is helping Jeremy and Lisa move back to Michigan the end of next week, so I will be with Mom through the weekend next week. This week has been so long and I know for her it has been even longer. Home will be more comfortable I know!!:)
The weather here is just perfect and I am feeling the itch to get outside. We hoped to plant our tomatoes this weekend, but it is forecast to get cold again before next week. We'll have to keep them in the garage until it warms up. Last night I pulled weeds and the boys helped Jay spread peat moss on the yard to keep the moisture in. We didn't come in until dark!!:) So great to get fresh air, but my allergies are flaring up somewhat with all the pollen in the air. Happy Spring to Everyone!!:)
Lane holding his Easter basket. His teacher made each child in preschool their own easter basket. Using the big coffee cans and painting each one and adding felt ears and a ribbon for the handle. So darling and such a great memory to have from pre-k. His teacher has been so fabulous and he loves her too. It was a rainy, cool morning on Wednesday, so the easter egg hunt and bubbles had to be brought back into the classroom instead of being at a child's home not far away.
These were some of the goodies at Lane's party. They were made by a small, local bakery. So adorable!!:)

Last Thursday I hosted my teacher sorority at our house. I belong to Alpha Delta Kappa, a teacher's sorority, a small group of ladies who are currently teachers or retired. Several of my friend are members and its nice to get together once a month and visit with them. These were some of the flowers I bought and arranged for the meeting. They are still doing well and have been so beautiful to look at.
I bought this hydrangea at Lowe's to have as a centerpiece for the kitchen table.

For our meal that evening I fixed antipasta salad, fruit salad, cucumber sandwiches, toffee bars and banana pudding. I forgot to take a picture before we ate, so as you can see some of the platters were almost empty. I don't very often get to use my Arther Court silver and neat serving dishes, so this was reason to get them out and enjoy them!!:)


Life in Midlothian said...

I am so glad your mother is doing much better. Debi is here and says give her her best wishes. Need help with the boys please, please let me know.

Benjamin's Mom said...

We were pulling weeds tonight also! Getting our garden ready. Glad to hear news of your Mom. Hopes she continues to get stronger & feel better each day.
love, Andrea