Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Update on Mom

Mom was very tired yesterday. She is having trouble sleeping well with them coming in every few hours. At times, some of the monitors she is wearing malfunction and alarms go off keeping her awake. She got up out of bed and sat in the chair for awhile. She is just very weak- she has had only juice and chicken broth, which really doesn't give you anything to go on. They took out her catheter, now that she is able to get out of the bed. One less tube and wire hooked to her. She continues to have a slight fever, which is to be expected and still a high pulse rate, also expected with the trauma to her body.

Today she had yogurt and cream of wheat for breakfast and that was sooo GOOD, she said. :) When I talked with her at 9:30 she had just gotten back from a walk down the hall and was back in bed, exhausted and ready to sleep. They plan to remove the drains in her abdomen today, they say this will be quite uncomfortable as it stretches the incision. She is not looking forward to that. Thank you from her to all of you who have called and sent your wishes and thoughts!:)


Andrea said...

Good to get the update. Thanks. Yes, I got my header from their library of free fonts! Yeah - I'm so excited to get some good deals on fonts & clip art also. Thanks for letting us know about their great sale! Andrea

Kristen said...

Thanks for the update on your Mom.