Monday, July 28, 2008

St. Pete's Beach

Our last few days we spent on the beach enjoying the Florida sun and sand and enjoying more time with Jeremy, Lisa, and Grant. The boys didn't like the salt water the first day and had to get used to the waves rushing in. By the second day, they ran right in the water and played their hearts out. I enjoyed helping the boys build a sand castle and searching for shells with Lisa. Grant is a little beach bum....he loves the sand and if the boys headed towards the water he was crawling right behind!!:) I have so many more pictures, it was so hard to choose just a few! As you know pictures just don't do justice to the memories we made!!
The classic picture of the boys playing in the sand.

Wide-eyed Grant in his shirt from Disney!!

Gettin' sugar from sweet little Grant in their matching shirts!!

This boy just needs a drink!!


Love this picture of the boys with the seagull flying overhead.

Love that Lisa and the boys are in the background of this seagull shot!! I didn't realize they were even in the picture until I loaded it on my computer.


My sweet curly headed boy!!

Grant peeking out of the hole his mommy dug for him.

The boys in the sea grass.

Chasing Grant in his pool.....he was just a giggling!!

Our evening with Cheryl, Emily, and Sarah H. at Siesta Key. We sure missed seeing John!!

Drum circle at sunset on the beach....very interesting!! Everything from drums to dancing, even a lady balancing a sword on her head! Some very unusual sights!!

Bryce, Sarah, and Lane with their sea urchin.

Emily standing with Grant in the water.


Bryce and Emily playing at sunset.

Smiling faces with their sea urchins!!

As we left we saw this face a girl had sculpted in the sand, we saw more sculptures as we were leaving. The sand was just perfect for it!


Jeremy and Lisa said...

We had a wonderful time, and have many wonderful memories to remember your trip to Florida!

BJKK said...

Enjoyed seeing all your trip pictures. We are missing the beach this summer. We like the gulf coast in Alabama. Some of this hot humid weather we're having reminds me of the August heat we've had there...just have to close your eyes & "listen" for the waves! :) And then get out our pictures from last summer!

Renita said...

LOVED all these pictures. How fun to make memories!!