Friday, July 25, 2008

Thursday Night Supper Day 6

Thursday evening after returning from Disney, we had supper at Mike and Becky H.'s with Jeremy, Lisa, and Grant. What a fun evening rememberng and laughing about the years we lived in Florida....the boys had a great time playing with Mike and Becky's toy stash! The adults enjoyed watching them!!
Oh so silly!! Funny the things that make kids laugh...a paint brush!!

Our wonderful hosts, Becky and Mike H.! Thanks for wonderful food and great company!

Lisa, Grant, Jeremy, Lane, Jay, Bryce and I after supper.

Riding the bucking bronco, Uncle Jeremy!!

The boys got out the toys after supper and then swept before we left...Grant was helping with the dust pan.

Sweet little musketeers reading together.

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Kristen said...

wow - that's great y'all got to see Mike and Bekcy. Did you know Mike when you were living in FL all those years ago? Boy...I sure do wish I could have gone on your trip with you!!