Sunday, August 17, 2008

Summer.......officially over today!

It is hard to believe that that time of year has come around again!! The first day of school is tomorrow!! It seems my summers keep getting shorter and shorter. I think what's really happening is our lives are getting busier and busier.
Thinking back over the past two months, we've helped nurse mom along from her colon rupture for several weeks, taken swimming lessons, had a short trip to Hot Springs, spent time at the pool, and vacationed in Florida for 2 weeks. These being just the *BIG* things!! But, I can say we had a wonderful summer and so many memories to look back to!! The boys are both anxious to start school in the next few weeks!:) Lane in a week and Bryce in two weeks. It will be great to have all of us going in the same direction every morning and evening......I know it will help my sanity!!:) I am excited about tomorrow, but a little anxious as always to start a new year....wondering what it will bring??
My frequent blogging will come to a screeching halt:( don't worry if it's a while before we post again!

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Renita said...

Hope you have a wonderful year and a good bunch of kids to spend it with! :)B&B's school year starts next Monday, the 25th.