Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Happy Birthday, Sweetie!!

My wonderful hubby celebrated his 35th birthday today!! The boys and I made that wonderful apple pie this weekend, so we celebrated alittle early this past weekend!! The pie, by the way, was wonderful!!!:) This evening Jay enjoyed working on his new toy, a 91' Jeep Cherokee, a mudding jeep! He and the boys will make some great memories with this fun jacked-up jeep, and Mommy just may have to go along for some of the fun, too! I'll try to post a picture of this mud buggy once he gets it all put back together!:)
I love the verse in the card I gave Jay! It said, Today may be your birthday, but I feel like I am the one getting a present.......another year I get to spend with you!! I am so lucky!!


Kristen said...

Happy Birthday Jay!

(You know there are 2 boys over here that would love to have a great time in that "mud buggy" too!!)

Us 4 said...

Well, we will just have to do that sometime real soon!! He still has a few minor details to finish and we will be in BUSINESS!!!:)

From TX to you said...

Happy Belated B'day to Jay!! Hope he had a great day!