Sunday, November 2, 2008

Jack O' Lantern

My two little pumpkins and I carved a jack o' lantern this evening. We didn't go trick or treating this years, so we are a little late in doing this. Plus, we don't get any goblins at our door because there is just too much distance between each house out here in the country! This is the first time we have done this with the kids too, so it came with lots of anticipation!!:) We even roasted the pumpkin seeds, but the boys weren't to sure they were good??!! Lane asked that we light a candle and let it glow on the front porch.

Sweet smile!

And the goofiness continued.....

Cleaning out the inside...picture courtesy of Lane.

"'s like string", Lane said "and it is stuck!"


Kristen said... fun. Love the picture of Lane. ;) Sounds like your boys are getting an education about pumpkins now.

Jeremy and Lisa said...

looks like they had a lot of fun. Next year I'll carve one with Grant.