Thursday, December 18, 2008

Polar Express!

This past Friday Bryce's class could wear their PJ's to school and took an imaginary ride on the Polar Express. They even had hot chocolate and donuts. I went and watched for a little while. Excitment was at a HIGH!!!:)

Ms. Cindy reading the book Polar Express. Bryc eis in the middle right under the blue/green chart.
Showing off his ticket to board the Polar Express.

Eating donuts with hot chocolate!


From TX to you said...

Shauna, I'm laughing because our teachers must be using the same curriculum or something! Jarin's class did the same thing last Friday. I didn't get to go get pictures though. Very cute! Are your kids parties tomorrow too? I'm headed in all day to help out. Should be fun.:)

Us 4 said...

Yes, my own second graders are and Bryce's Pre-K, too. I need to have a clone to spread around tomorrow...luckily Lane's class had theirs on Tuesday!:)