Sunday, January 25, 2009


Where do I begin........I can feel the gray growing in fast and my nerves are wearing thin!!! First, we are in the process of remodeling our guest bathroom. We thought we had the tile and paint picked out and today after looking at the paint job again from yesterday, we aren't sure it works! So off to Lowe's we head after mtg.......back to square one....came home with several new tiles and paint samples......we laid them out and painted several areas to look at. The more we looked and thought it was only getting worse....HELP!! Can I just paint it white and be done?? NO!!
After thinking on it a bit, we are going to leave the paint and change the tile! We can always change that if need be! (I'll post pictures later.) At this point of the evening I was on the verge of nervous break down!!
WHEN.......should in walk Lane with paint all over the front of his 1 week old brand, new shoes!!! He had been rolling a paint roll around the yard! ;-? I was too frazzled to even muster a yell or scream......I found Jay and said this one is YOURS!!! After a quick wipe and wash in the washing machine, they still look like the following!! I am ready for a goodnight sleep, hoping tomorrow is a cheery day!!
Oh, how could I forget.......the only working bathroom in our house is filled with a putrid smell! Friday evening I could smell what I thought was a dead, furry rodent. As the evening wore on, Jay confirmed my sneaking suspicion, a mouse somewhere in the wall or attic!! The pest man just came and left some poison last week, because we found two baby mice(alive) upstairs. I guess it worked!! So we put the air purifier/sanitizer on high and closed the door. Needless to say we do the necessary things, get out and find a mirror or sink to do the rest!!
I know this is a lot to comprehend, tomorrow has to be a better day! Happy Monday!!


Kristen said...

Oh Shauna...guess that answers my question as to how the bathroom project is going! Urggg!! Hopefully your Monday will go better. I won't even try to send sunshine your way...sometimes you need a good vent, a good "frustration cry", and lots 'o chocolate. At least that's what helps me in such times. So here's hoping nothing else goes south and you have your bathroom update completed soon!!

sympathy hugs! ;)

Us 4 said...

Yes, I have eaten an awful lot of chocolate today, know that I think about it!! And yes, your right, venting is wonderful therapy and just reading this to Jay made me laugh!! I guess all is well if you can laugh about it!;-) Looking forward to our weekend together!!

Stacy said...

Wow things must be bad if you're looking forward to Monday! Finding just the right thing can be hard - I'm sure it will all come together. Kids, kids, kids.......good thing he's so cute huh? :)

C & T Bishop Blog said...

Just think...someday you'll look back on this and laugh! :)