Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Bathroom Remodeling

Well, things are looking up!! Just wanted to post an update on the bathroom. We have decided on a different tile that we think will be neutral. I can always change the paint later if needed. I think so far it looks pretty good. ;-) Considering what we started with!! Somehow in all the excitement to start the demolition, I forgot to take a picture of "before"! Notice in the first picture the yellow walls(below) and floral/foil wallpaper! YUCK!! Jay got about half of the cedar up this evening. My job is to finish painting the trim and closet door. This weekend we will tile/grout the floor. We ordered a new shower door, which will be in by Feb. 5.
My mom will be coming the next week to spend a few days with us for the Grandparent's Day celebration at the boy's school. We hope it will be usable by then, or Mom will be using the fifth wheel. We are looking forward to her coming!!
FYI- Our one bathroom for the time being is smelling MUCH better. One of Jay's employee's had a special product that absorbs foul odors, and WOW it works wonders!! ;)
Before - we removed a semi wall that separated the toilet from the counter, it will be much more open now.
New paint color

The bottom will have a wanes coating look with cedar.

The cedar with the new tile! I'm happy with this color!!


Al and Jill said...

Looks very nice !! Can't wait to see the finished product!!
Mom and Dad

Jake's family said...

Looks great Shauna! Big hugs to your mom when she comes to visit from me- love keeping up with your adorable boys through your blog- you do a great job!
Jill (Klepzig) Fox

Kristen said...

lookin' good!

Del, Kari, Kyle and Kolby said...

Looks Great!! Can't believe you didn't want to keep the old wallpaper?! :)