Saturday, March 14, 2009

Attempting Rock Candy!

UPDATE: Well we have rock candy, but it fills up the entire jar and not the string?! Bummer! I will do some more research and see if I can perfect this technique. It did taste pretty good!! Keep you posted!!

My sister-n-law posted a rock candy recipe on the recipe blog. I have been so anxious to try it, so here is my attempt........ so far little crystals are forming. YEAH!! I thought this would be fun for the boys and their friends to watch and eat!!;-) I'll post final pictures if they turn out?!


Stacy said...

Fun! Yes, let us know how it goes. I tried it once with my dckids & it didn't work! We were so disappointed. It wasn't really a candy recipe though, just trying to make a "crystal" so ours was probably a bit different.

Kristen said...

umm...yep, you'll definately have to keep us posted.