Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The next Boy Band!!

As I cleaned up the kitchen this evening Bryce desperately wanted to "play the drums", as he calls it with the pots and pans. I consented knowing full well that the din was going to be outrageous and there would be a mess left in the cabinet.....oh well your only a kid once;-).....and that kept them occupied while I cleaned up!;-) Lane, of course, joined in and helped out. Believe it or not.....they actually had quite a little rhythm and beat goin' on. I caught them for just a moment on camera.

Do you think they could be the next boy band? Maybe they need to learn some words to go along? I loved the "steamer" as the cymbals! Could we call them the "Pot Hand Brothers".


Renita said...

TOO CUTE!! :) Priceless video you will want to keep and protect.

Al and Jill said...

Wow!! That was awesome!! They sure sound great!! I like the idea of using the rubber spatulas instead of spoons like you and Jeremy did a few years ago!!! Less noise and dents in the bottoms of the pans!!!
Grandpa and Grandma

Kristen said...

How cute - definately have potential to be in a drum line in the future. Jacob wants to watch "Bwain and Rice" again and again. ;)