Sunday, May 24, 2009

Dog Pound!

UPDATE: Good ending......As of yesterday evening our newest little pooch has a home!! A friend at work contacted her relatives and they came and got her last night! They were so happy and so are we. They named her "Sissy". This kinda thing must stop happening around here!!;-)
Our house, a.k.a. DOG POUND!! In less than two months we have had three puppies come up to our house. This little doll is the latest! She is a beautiful Chihuahua! I plan to put a sign up tomorrow hoping to find her owners, plus I put in a call to a local animal shelter, hoping to find her a home.

Are these cute or what!!!;-)

You can tell just how tiny she really is when compared to big ole' Buster and Jay's hand!


Al and Jill said...

She looks like a puppy to me. Beautiful, so sweet!

Stacy said...

Cute! Strange (and too bad) there's so many strays. I bet the boys are so excited though!

Kristen said...

well now, I'm seeing a trend here! I think they must have some kind of communication system: "paging all stray dogs - need a home?, come to the V. household, 2 boys, lots 'o good food, plenty of lovin', why not?!". Seriously, you'll have to let us know how this ends!