Saturday, May 23, 2009

Well Overdue!

I am just now getting time to post pictures of our wonderful Mother's Day weekend with our great friends, Kristen and David and their kiddos. As you can tell from the pictures..the boys like Lia just a tad!!!;-) Kristen is thinking we should just go ahead and plan the wedding. Sounds good, girl! Unfortunately I don't think it will be that simple! We enjoyed the lake and good company! Thanks for coming over! I apologize these pictures are out of order.

Bryce and Lia after Sunday mtg.

Lane and Lia...gazing at one another!

Bryce and this picture!

Just chillin'...Bryce is not a very patient fisherman..he is kinda like his momma.

Isn't she as cute as a button!?

Girl, you got it goin' on!

Jacob's close encounter with the crickets! Cute picture.

More fascination!

Love this picture with fluffy clouds and blue sky. Of course I love the subject in the picture, too! Maybe that is why?!


Stacy said...

Nice pictures, looks like a fun time!

Kristen said...

awe...thanks for the great weekend! We're looking forward to next weekend - I'll be calling you later this week.