Saturday, May 16, 2009

Run, Lane, Run!!

Friday was the Cougar Mile for all of our elementary students. It is part of the Presidential fitness testing like we all remember...such awful memories! ;-) The exception here being that all of the students work on the mile all year long: pacing, breathing, stretching, etc. Instead of telling you to run the mile the week before (YEAH, RIGHT) and you feel like throwing up and dying as you run the race. I sure wish that it had been this way when I was a kid!;-)
Lane ran the mile in 10 minutes and received a Presidential medal! We are so proud of him. He didn't have to run this year as a kindergartener, but he chose to do it. Way to go, Buddy!!

Lane is third from the right in the line up.


Kristen said...

Congratulations Lane! We are very proud of you!

Al and Jill said...

Congratulations Lane!!! What an awesome accomplishment !! Grandpa and Grandma are very proud of you!!