Saturday, July 4, 2009

Destin: Day 1 and 2

The first day we arrived, we went hunting for crabs that evening. We had been told by friends to bring flash lights and take the boys down to the water at night. We found a few, but not as many as you can get sometimes. Jay even caught a few small fish in the net. The next day we just spent by the ocean and the pool. I forgot to bring my watch and Jay's either, so we spent our days without the worry of time, ate when we wanted and played in between. It felt weird to live like that, but after all isn't that the way a vacation should be!! It made for a restful time. We will definitely go back again.

Examining their finds.

A hunting we will go....

Jay searching for little crabs

The boys spent most of their time, by choice, at the pool. It had a water slide, all the more tempting for them....especially since their is not salt in your eyes, and grit in your teeth, etc.
Lane full throttle ahead!

Bryce sliding down.

Sorry you get to look at this picture twice, it is quite pretty! Loved watching the waves come crashing in and the beautiful shades of blue and green in the water.

Take two!

Lane in the splash of the waves!

Chasing the waves!


BJKK said...

Enjoyed your pictures, S! We are looking forward to our trip to the gulf in August. What do you do with the crabs when you catch them? Just let them go after observing? We always go out to look at them in the dark but they are hard to catch without a net!

Benjamin's Mom said...

Neat pictures! Your time in FL sounded so nice. Sorry to hear about your eventful week - hope things go better the rest of the summer. Are you heading to Laura's wedding in Chicago soon? Will be anxious to see pictures! Have fun!

Us 4 said...

Andrea....Yes, we leave for Laura's wedding Wednesday....that is the boys and I with my parents! I will definitely post pictures!