Friday, July 3, 2009

The Gulfarium: Fort Walton Beach

On Monday morning we drove about 30 minutes west to the Gulfarium at Fort Walton Beach. It was small, but lots of fun. The dolphin show was fantastic, our favorite. We also saw tropical fish, coral, otters, penguins, sting rays, sharks, and sea lions. It was nice to be able to be alittle more up close and personal with these animals, unlike Sea World(which we absolutely love) where the crowds are so big, you can't see well or get as near the animals. By the way...I LOVE my NEW camera. I got so many wonderful shots because my camera was ready and focused without me losing my mind and the moment!! I does the thinking for me, like a computer. Why oh why did I what this long to get such a wonderful thing?! I don't know, but there is no going back now!!

Mother and daughter, Delilah and Lily

Delilah jumping through the hoop.

Touching the trainers hands

This picture was taken through a window in the side of the dolphin tank. They were moving in a circle together..kinda fuzzy but a neat shot.

The dolphin is taking a raw fish out of her mouth! Cool, but accckk!!

Cute little penguins


Nemo, his dad, and Dorree

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