Sunday, August 23, 2009

Happy 7th Birthday Lane!

Our precious Lane turned "7" yesterday! Happy Birthday Buddy! Where has time gone in these last 7 years. You are now more than half as tall as me, reading like a natural, loosing teeth in record numbers and loving every minute of it! We love you more and more, just wish we could stop time for a moment and treasure all of this as we should!! We love you bunches!!
His request was a Maggie Moos' ice cream cake. It was delicious!! He was quite surprised when he bit into the cake that it was so cold!! He also got a new 20' bike for his b-day from us. He was beginning to out grow his other and now Bryce is excited to be riding Lane's BIG bike! Everybody is happy! We took the boys to the NASCAR speedway in Monroe Saturday and boy was it fun. No Nascar vehicles, but great racing action!! They do have the Nascar Truck races there throughout the year.

A pro on his new bike!

A grown up boy!

Pretty cool bike!


Al and Jill said...

Happy Birthday Lane!! Can't believe our 1st precious grandson is 7 years old!!! You are getting so big!!
Grandpa and Grandma

Renita said...

I love your tradition of the bite of cake! Cute!! :)