Monday, August 24, 2009

Bryce's First Day of Kindergarten!

For more than a week Bryce has been wanting to go to school! Today he was able to join Lane and I on our daily trek to school. He was so excited when I woke him this morning, he was ready to go as soon as I helped him get dressed. He loved going to Art and P.E. for the first time and told us all about his day at dinner! He was very happy to see Lane after school. They have become each other's best friend and WORST enemy!! I am so glad he enjoyed his first day!

Bryce and Mrs. Ray

Brothers...ready for school! Do they looked tired or what??


Renita said...

I love that top picture with his teacher! His facial expression is so cute!! :) Both of your boys are precious!

BJKK said...

That's great! Our first days of 7th & 10th grades are coming soon!

Al and Jill said...

So fun for Bryce finally!!! They are both getting too big too fast!!!! But still sooo cute!!
Grandpa and Grandma