Saturday, September 12, 2009

~Simple Life~

Last weekend we headed north to Rogers convention in Arkansas. With Monday being Labor Day, we stayed overnight with Jay's parents in Little Rock. We enjoyed the quiet setting and beautiful view along with wonderful company. It was a nice stop on the way and sure helped split up the 7 hour drive back home.
I quickly took this shot from the rest area in Little Rock, turned out good!

Bryce enjoying the watermelon Papa bought for him!

Breathtaking view

The beautiful view...seems almost like the Smoky Mountains.

Bryce swinging on the rope swing.

Lane swinging

The little turtle that eats bugs in the garden!(sorry it is sideways)

Jay and the boys using the spotting scope.

Lane taking in all of the view. He moved the scope to the groud so he could lay on his belly!

The boys were so excited when they heard the "Ice Cream Man" and his music coming towards Nana's house!! They have never been able to buy ice cream from the Ice Cream Man ever before! They came flying through the house at the speed of light and out the front door, not wanting to miss him. Nana and Aunt Nel helped them pick make their pick.

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Renita said...

Beautiful pictures. I love the ice cream truck picture. I remember when we lived in a neighborhood that had an ice cream truck come through in the summer when the girls were about your boys' ages. It is so exciting for them!!