Thursday, September 3, 2009


Not much to post these days. Just about all of us have had a cold, Jay worse than any of us. Bryce has somehow avoided it after multiple exposures...tough little fella! Watch..I say this and he will drop like a fly! We are excited about going to our first convention of the year. We leave tomorrow for Rogers, about 5 hours away. With a lot of rain in the forecast, we are prepared with boots and the likes. But we are so ready for the gentle rains from heaven! The boys are getting very excited about our trip to Michigan in less than 2 weeks. We are going to see our new cousin/niece, Brooke for the first time! We are flying which we haven't done since the boys were about 3 and 4. They are really looking forward to it! School is going well for all three of us, already three weeks gone!;) Hope everyone has a nice long weekend!

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Jeremy and Lisa said...

Looking forward to your visit! Grant is going to love having the boys here. He asks everyday to watch videos of Lane & Bryce!