Sunday, October 4, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

The next best thing to a pumpkin patch is over 600 pumpkins already picked to choose from! They are everywhere!!! One of the gift shops near by does this every year! This was our first year to go. It is a great place for pictures and the boys had a terribly hard time just picking one! They were big, small, fat, tall, warty, white, striped, and every combination! They even had neat ornamental goards and indian corn! Enjoy the festive pictures! (Bryce told me as we were trying to pick a few out, "Mom there are so many pumpkins here, we will have to eat them for days...pumpkin stew, pie, cookies, verything with pmpkin!!" He has such a funny sense of humor! Makes us smile!)

My two big *pumpkins*!


BJKK said...

Neat place & cute pictures!

Jeremy and Lisa said...

Great pictures!! I love the pumpkin in front of the boys (varigated orange one)!

Us 4 said...

I bought that one for myself Lisa! I love it!