Thursday, October 22, 2009

All Aboard!

Every evening this week Bryce has been spending his time in the living room with the GeoTrax trains. He reroutes the track and adds to it everyday. Of course it doesn't help that it has started RAINING again!!! Notice the Matchbox cars hanging from the crane to the left! It is all his handy work and thought, I love how his mind works! When the boys were smaller I would try to build it for them and get frustrated trying to make the tracks cross and circle back...he does it with little or no effort! ;) Must be the "engineering" mind, which I sure don't have. Grandma and Grandpa have been giving them pieces to add to this train for several years and Grandpa even built them a special train table, too! Thanks G& G!
Lane serenades Bryce while practicing his piano each evening. He is doing so well! His first recital will be in mid December, he has two pieces he is already practicing. He often tells me when he hears a song on the radio, Mom, I am going to play that someday! I am glad he is so inspired!

The proud creator, Bryce

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Stacy said...

That's great!! I always think track building is so great for building problem solving skills - I've seen so many tracks glued together at garage sales, etc. That's the best part for the kids to do! Brett spends hours on his too but not lately - I'm afraid he's outgrowing his Thomas trains - but in the winter he will probably be back at it. Wish Brett was so enthusiastic about piano!!