Saturday, October 31, 2009


After another week of what seemed like unending rain, the boys enjoyed playing in the sunshine today. Of course they were drawn immediately to the puddles and mud in the field! So was Sissy! I couldn't help but spend some time outside too. I blew leaves and cleaned out the garage. We have an unforunate problem, whenever it rains hard, our garage gets flooded. The slab is unlevel and sloped so that it runs in instead of out. We have some work to do digging trenches and burying pipe to try and ward off this problem. It sure is frustrating when your laundry room has two inches of rain in it after a rain! It is depressing! The sunshine today has been so welcome!

The boys and their pup, Sissy!

Bryce trugging in the field!

Sissy running in the field!

By our front door....the boys are anxious to carve them tonight!


Stacy said...

Love these pictures Shauna! Hope you get your water problem solved - we had some coming in our basement for a while & it's stressful.

Jeremy and Lisa said...

So cute...boys and their dog are always such cute pictures! Love the varigated pumpkin!

BJKK said...

Neat pictures of the boys & dog, Shauna!