Monday, February 22, 2010

2 Wheels

Despite the cold and damp weather, Bryce was determined to start learning to ride on two wheels tonight. He had it down in no time. Even starting on his own. This is the very first bike we got him. We took the training wheels off and it makes for a great way to start on two wheels. He is close to the ground and the bike is light weight too. He reminds me of the clowns in the circus, riding around with their knees up to their chins. He is so proud to be riding like his big brother!! Soon he will be able to ride on his bigger two wheel bike, one that brother is passing down to him.

**** The screen is black for some reason, but if you press "play" the video will come up! I promise!



All American Family said...

How cute is this!! Go Bryce!

From TX to you said...

Yeah Bryce! That's a big accomplishment! Hope the warmer weather is here soon so they can enjoy the outdoors!

Jeremy and Lisa said...

Uncle Jeremy here -- Bryce, if you can ride that tiny thing with a short wheelbase, I can assure you that a bigger bike will be easier! No challange to great for you! Great job buddy! ;-)

Us 4 said...

Uncle Jeremy..He is now riding his bike big with great easy and a lot less falling! :-)