Sunday, June 27, 2010

Celebrate x's 2

Bryce celebrated his birthday again with Grandma when she arrived this past Tuesday before my surgery. We bought a yummy cookies and cream ice cream cake and had all the festivities, candles, wish making, biting the cake, and presents too! Thanks grandma and sure wish grandpa could have been along too! Mom has been such a great help while I am laid up and on crutches after having bunion surgery on Wednesday. The boys enjoyed going to the pool and peach orchard with grandma one afternoon. They even learned that peaches are good with the *skin*(usually the want them peeled) right off the tree. Thanks mom for all you did!

Singing to the birthday boy!

Wishing on those 6 candles!

Taking a big bite!

All smiles with their presents. Lego City for Bryce, a new helmet, and squirt gun tubes for both boys in the pool! WOW!

Trying out the new squirt gun tubes...pretty soon the squirt guns where out of the holsters and the boys where hiding down in their tubes and bouncing up to squirt one another! Boys boys!

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