Friday, December 31, 2010

The Real Deal!

After several days of sledding in the yard, we braved the frigid temperatures(real feel was 7*) and took the boys to a true sledding hill in a metro park close by. Jay decided he would be the videographer and I would go with the boys. After the steep slippery climb to the top, I looked down and wondered what I had gotten myself into. Oh well, here goes, I was there and had to be brave for the boys. WOW!! The hill was steep and just a bit icy so it was incredibly fast! I screamed the whole way down, Jay has that on video for the whole world to hear! Lane very quickly caught on and started down on his belly. Bryce on the other hand was alittle more apprehensive, he preferred going down together with me or sledding on the kiddy slope. What fun it was to sled again, but my rear was just a tad sore the next day or two. Brought back memories from my childhood in the Midwest.
There was 4 different runs

Lane at the bottom.

Lane speeding down the hill.

Bryce waiting his turn.....

...and down he comes!

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Sheila said...

Fun, fun!! There is a sledding hill by Dave's family in Buffalo, NY that we go to when we visit and it is very fun! Glad you are having fun in the cold!