Friday, December 31, 2010

COSi museum

Sunday held special memories too. We enjoyed special meeting that morning and a yummy lunch afterwards at Red Robin. Then on the the COSi museum in Columbus. Still dressed in our Sunday best we spent three hours trying to take it all in. The boys loved the hands on approach this museum encourages. It has been ranked the #1 Children's museum in the US by PaAdd Videorents Magazine! We'd love to go back again sometime.

Skeleton made of mesh....

A little big, but he wanted to get on.

The boys playing checkers outside the market in the olden days.
Trying out the old buggy.

Gasing up the VW bug.

Lane working tediously to line up the lasers.

The picture is somewhat dark, but that is Lane looking out the submarine window. SO exciting that they got to go down inside a real sub!

Bryce in the Sub window watching Lane operate the underwater! So cool!

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Herod Happenings said...

That looks like an awesome museum!! A special day for you all.