Monday, August 22, 2011

Happy 9th Birthday Lane!

This handsome ladd was a babe in arms nine years ago tonight! Our first born and perfect in everyway...the poster baby for Gerber! He has changed and grown up, but he is still my first born and special in everyway! Nine more years will mean college and reality....I hope these next nine don't go by so quickly! I feel so blessed and honored to be the mother to two young boys, they are precious gifts!

Happy Birthday Lane!

We love you!

Photo courtesy of Kristen S. Photography
Summer 2011
Just one of the many gorgeous pictures captured by My dear friend!!

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All American Family said...

Wow. Time flies so fast! Hard to believe Lane is 9 now! He is such a sweet-heart - it's our privilege to know him. He's been raised by two great parents and that shines through him. We love you Lane!