Tuesday, August 23, 2011

School days

School is off and running for the boys and I. Our first day back was last Monday. Bryce is in 2nd grade and Lane is in 3rd! I am teaching 5th grade English Language Arts this year and so far it has been a nice change from 2nd grade. I didn't request a change, but it was what I needed to do to keep a job at the school. I can move back to 2nd grade next year if I wish or stay in 5th. For now I am enjoying the student's independence and ability to have an educated conversation! Don't get me wrong I LOVED teaching 2nd grade!! This is a new adventure!

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From TX to you said...

Good pictures of the boys, Shauna! Happy (belated) b'day to Lane! You'll enjoy 5th (speaking from experience of teaching Junior Achievement to all grades K-5). You will have to use the big discipline stick a little more than 2nd though as some of them will test you and they can be stinkers!:) Happy school days!