Friday, December 28, 2007

Cousins, Cookies and Craziness!!!

The boys and I spent a week with Grandma and Grandpa and what fun we had!! Jay came on Sunday and went home Tuesday to go back to work. The boys and I returned home yesterday. Every day brought new excitement for the kids, from trips to the park, Chuckie Cheese's, gifts, decorating cookies, playdoh and cousin Emmy;)!! Mom and I enjoyed some shopping nearby at Coldwater Creek, Chico's, Talbots, Janie and Jack, and Gymboree on Saturday and Kohls on Wednesday with my aunt Peggy and cousin Emerald. Dad was kind enough to stay home and monitor nap time while we shopped!! Thanks Dad!
I think Emmy was the "highlight" of our trip. She played so delightfully with the boys. They wanted to be baby lions and her to be the mommy. She played right along as you can see they are riding on her back. We hope she can come visit us this summer for a little while!!
Spinning on the temporary swing Grandpa has rigged up in the backyard.

Cookie decorating with A. Peggy, Emmy, Great Grandma, and Annie on Christmas Day. I know the children enjoyed it, but it was good therapy for me too. There were 15 people at the house for the day, so something was always happenin'. Lane really seemed to understand the concept this year for the first time and created cookies from spreading the frosting to adding decorations for me, grandma, A. Peggy and Shanna all by himself.

Working all by himself!!

My darling and tasty snowlady from Lane. Notice she is wearing sunglasses(the red hots above her eyes). I was quite amazed by the detail and his imagination!! So fun to watch your child evolve into a creative individual.

Didn't get a picture, but Bryce preferred to eat the sprinkles and frosting, but helped mom decorated a gingerbread boy!! He was off and running after that....... still a short attention span.

Grandma and Grandpa decided it was time the boys went to Chuckie Cheese's. This was our first time. I know we are alittle behind!;( The boys were just overwhelmed and didn't know where to go. They spent a great deal of time in the slide and climbing area. Dad and I played arcade games and won a few piddly prizes for the boys.

Flying foam airplanes with Grandpa. Good thing they were foam, because they were landing everywhere!!:)

Emmy, Lane, Bryce, Alex and Giselle giggling.

Two little boys worn out from a day of fun and frenzy collapsed on the floor!! A. Peggy thinks they need t-shirts that say "Thing 1" and Thing 2". I think that is perfect, maybe we can get them printed!!!

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