Sunday, December 30, 2007

Silly Words..... Updated!!

It seems recently that the boys have been saying some goofy things!! I try to write them in their baby books, so someday we can read them again and laugh!!:) Here is just a sampling....
1. "toad"- this means torn - example- The car is toad up!!
2. "I've got a big belly, just like my dad." This is something to be proud of!!
3. "gerl"- with a very pronounced sounthern accent- means girl
1. "chyn-e-tah"- a cheetah- he announced this to us at the New Orleans zoo. Of course Bryce repeated it immediately because what brother says is always right!:)
2. Until last year, Grandma was "Grandpa". Therefore it was Grandpa and Grandpa!!
I know more of these funny sayings will come to me in the next few days. So I may add to the list, watch for updates!!!
3. Cyclebycle- means bicycle

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From TX to you said...

Looks like you had a great time! Emmy is such a beautiful girl! At least you've got the southern drawl for the girls. We've got "grills" here.:)