Thursday, December 20, 2007

School is out!!!

Today our Winter Holiday begins!!:) The boys and I are leaving for my parents tomorrow and Jay will join us on Sunday. I will return sometime late next week after some shopping and time with my family.
I made another pumpkin roll today and it turned out just as nice as the other last week. Yeah!! I am also taking miniature pecan pies (made in a muffin tin), and pumpkin bread along. I have several things I am going to make once we get there also. My grandmother is staying with my parents until next week afer she has her PET scan. Stopping in for a few days on their way back home are my Aunt Peggy and Uncle Troy and kiddos on Monday. Mom and Dad are going to have a house full with a family from their meeting coming for Christmas dinner, too. I will post our pictures of fun and food, late next week sometime. A wonderful holiday wish to all as you spend time with those who are most dear!!;)


From TX to you said...

Drive careful! Enjoy your time in "big D".:)

Kristen said...

Have fun with your faimly!

DSBRansom said...

Have a great time!