Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Puppy Love!

There is just something about puppies, I think no one can resist! Even their puppy breath is sweet! We are sure enjoying these fascinating little creatures. They are become much more active...on wobbly legs. They romp with each other and attempt to growl!! Hard to decide just which one to keep, wish they always stayed this small, cuddly and cute!

A boy and his puppies

Sorry this picture is sideways(blogger has been doing that recently). This is the poor ugly mother of the pups. Jay says you would think Buster could bring home something a little better than that!:-) Ha!

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Kristen said...

aww...how sweet. I know your boys are loving those puppies!! Have you decided which one to keep yet? I'm with Jay - thinking Buster could have brought home a prettier lady than that...Buster's a handsome fella. ;)